Creating the First Search Engine for Runners, with Matt Myles, Founder and CEO at RaceSavvy

Have you ever had a problem where you just couldn’t find a solution to it ANYWHERE? Did you create your own methods of trying to solve the problem and realize there just has to be a better way? Well, this is what my next guest did. He created a business by solving a challenge that he faced personally.

In early 2014, Matt found himself researching out-of-state marathons to potentially run that upcoming fall. He was looking for a marathon that met specific criteria that was important to him (large # of participants, reasonably priced, etc.). After visiting numerous websites and manually inputting key info from multiple races into a spreadsheet, it dawned on him that there had to be a more efficient way for runners to evaluate races and find their perfect match. And that’s when he came up with the RaceSavvy idea.

RaceSavvy allows runners to search for races based on criteria most important to them, and then compare key information from multiple races side by side. This gives runners all of the information they need to make a decision in one spot, providing a more efficient search process. By providing a simplified search experience, RaceSavvy hopes to contribute to the continued growth of the sport’s popularity, which we believe will ultimately result in a healthier society.

In this interview, you will learn the steps to create a business that solves a problem you have faced. You will learn whether you should validate your idea or just build. And if you decide to validate it, what are the steps to do that. You will also learn how to build a technical product with no technical background, how to market your new business, how to find co-founders, how to grow your email list, and for many people, how to do this as a side hustle while working a full-time job. You will learn this and more!

Matt Myles

Matt Myles


Matt Myles is the Founder and CEO at RaceSavvy. RaceSavvy's vision is simple. They want to change the way people find their next race by providing runners with a more efficient way to search.

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April 15, 2018
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