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Joshua Schulman - Schulman Communications Interactive

Joshua Schulman

Schulman Communications Interactive


Joshua Schulman is a unique Sales, Communication and Public Speaking Trainer who coaches hundreds of sales, engineers and business professionals all over the world, online and live, on how to present, pitch and engage audiences efficiently for your products, services or job promotion opportunities. Many of his communication programs are designed especially for business professionals with English as a Second Language

He has numerous monthly live seminars, courses and clinics all over Southern California and will soon be launching an extraordinary Virtual Reality Public Speaking platform where you will be able to take courses and learn to speak to hundreds of people or more in well known venues and real scenarios.

Joshua believes that everyone has an important voice and an extraordinary personal and work history, and that finding the most effective way to share your story and speak to audiences for life and career is essential for balance and fulfillment.

Joshua has been in the language and learning industry for many years in sales, management and training for esteemed companies such as Berlitz International, Global LT, and Rosetta Stone.

Joshua has won over 40 Toastmaster speech contests, including coming in Third Place in the Regionals for the 2006 World Championship of Public Speaking.

Joshua holds degrees in Theatre from the University of Southern California and The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He uses his extraordinary theatrical background in his keynotes, presentations and seminars that truly edu-train his audiences.

Joshua can also be found at Take Lessons.

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