How Eric Niu Created Swaggle, the Mobile Marketplace for High-End Men's Fashion

Eric Niu - Swaggle

Eric Niu


Eric Niu is a Titan Alumni who graduated in 2012 with a double major in International Business and Economics. Eric was the first recipient of the “Titan Leave Your Footprint Award” after serving as the President and CEO for the Associated Students Incorporated, CSUF, where he managed a $7 million dollar non-profit organization.

After college, Eric moved to Washington DC and worked in President Obama’s Administration at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. He founded Alakai (means leadership in Hawaiian), an elite innovator’s community of practice to cultivate an innovative, collaborative and open ecosystem in the Federal government. Eric also led a Knowledge Sharing Workgroup of President Obama’s Second Term Management Agenda Initiative focused on a knowledge and talent sharing economy for more than 2 million federal employees.

After public service, Eric joined Deloitte Consulting LLP as Senior Consultant where he partnered with government executives and business leaders to align people strategies with business strategies and address the human factors affecting an organization's ability to reach its mission and transformation objectives. He provided strategic change, project management and technology adoption expertise by using data analytics that helped government agencies and Fortune 500 companies managing change.

Most recently Eric founded Swaggle from a problem that he couldn’t find a solution to when he first entered the workforce. As a young professional who recently graduated from the college, he couldn’t afford the designer look that he wanted. Many men are interested in high-end fashion, but can’t afford the retail price. Consignment shopping is fun, but most men don’t know where to start. At the same time, the majority of brick-and-mortar consignment shops don’t have an online presence because the cost of establishing and maintaining an online store is costly and time consuming.

Swaggle is a mobile marketplace connecting high-end men’s fashion resellers with interested buyers for a curated and personalized shopping experience. It helps consumers easily find quality menswear at discounted prices while helping fashion resale sellers gain more customers. What makes Swaggle different is that customers can search and buy quality menswear at low prices that they can't find elsewhere because there is no other platform like Swaggle today. Swaggle inspires men to sell designer looks from their closets and upgrade their wardrobe with the latest trends. Swaggle wants men to become accustomed to fashion resale that is affordable and environmentally conscience. Swaggle aspires to set a new standard for the way men shop. The world is constantly evolving towards a more shared economy with global communities. Swaggle looks forward to, not only, electrifying the overall mobile shopping experience but also curating and leading a community around fashion."

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