Top Tips for Getting Started on Social Media as a Business with Jennifer Powell, a Brand Manager and Strategist for Influencers

Jennifer Powell

Jennifer Powell

Jennifer Powell

Jennifer Powell was a notable member of the Woman’s Board at Next Models and was not the normal model agent. She started representing social media talent, building many of the Internet’s most influential fashion bloggers. Powell was essentially the first industry insider to realize the potential marketing value of online talent and is an important digital influencer herself— helping bloggers to build up their following, and monetize their output in order to become brands in their own right.

Powell first helped Next models expand into online and social media talent over ten years ago, after Rumi Neely, of, approached the agency. Powell saw the opening in the market and with her knowledge of the industry and what brands could offer, she applied it. With girls like Neely racking up audiences of 75,000 unique views a week by 2010, Powell realized blogging was the industry’s next significant marketing platform. “When you have a person with 2 million Instagram followers, that’s direct to consumer advertising,” Powell told CNBC. “It’s a no brainer.” The main way Powell turns blogs into immediate profitable businesses is by orchestrating collaborations and endorsements with fashion and lifestyle brands, and ultimately looking at how to build the influencer’s overall brand and create their ancillary businesses.

Powell headed up a portfolio of around 30 influencers and special bookings talent at Next Models. She has represented a long list of popular sites and people like Fashion Toast, Kayture, The Blonde Salad, Negin Mirsalehi, Sincerely Jules and We Wore What, Lucky Blue Smith, Pyper America Smith, and Bryan Boy.

Jennifer’s major successes and expansions led her to start Jennifer Powell, Inc. In April of 2017. She is currently expanding the market from influencer management, licensing and brand building to digital and influencer strategy for brands as well. She has been covered by multiple news outlets- Bloomberg, MSNBC, CNN, and in 2015 and 2016 she was on the Business of Fashion 500 as one of the most influential people shaping the global fashion community. She has built multiple talent to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and headed the creation of multiple businesses.

While she loves fashion, her favorite thing in the whole world is hanging at home in Los Angeles with her 10 year old son, Micah, and their dog, Jackie Robinson.

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