Use The Power of Interdependence to Grow Your Business with Jeremy Poincenot, an Inspirational Speaker and Coach

Jeremy Poincenot

Jeremy Poincenot

Jeremy Poincenot

At 19, Jeremy was your typical San Diego State University Sophomore. Friends, sports, fraternity and most importantly, perfect 20/20 vision. Then it happened, no warning, no time to prepare. Life began to blur. Over the next few months, Jeremy lost central vision in his right eye, followed closely by his left. The diagnosis: a rare genetic disorder called Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON), a disease that affects a mere 100 people in the U.S. each year with no treatment or cure in sight. At first, Jeremy thought losing his vision meant forfeiting his life. But Jeremy soon learned that with every challenge comes an opportunity for greatness.

When Jeremy lost central vision in both eyes, Jeremy thought golf, the game he loved, was over. But with some hard work, dedication, and the support of the team Jeremy had created around himself, he quickly learned that his golfing career had just begun. At 20 years old, Jeremy competed in and won the 2010 World Blind Golf Championship with his Dad as his guide. They have since won 5 National Championships, an Australian Blind Open, and a second World Blind Golf Championship. In 2011, Jeremy was honored as the San Diego Hall of Champions Challenged Athlete of the Year. Like all things, it’s the most difficult trials that shape who we are -- and Jeremy is a better athlete and person because of this sport.

Now, Jeremy strives to raise awareness of LHON, and along with the help of his friends, they have created the C.U.R.E. Ride (Cycling Under Reduced Eyesight), an annual fundraising bike ride that has raised over $200,000 for LHON research. Their goal is to raise a million dollars.

Today, Jeremy turns his attention to inspiring audiences all over the country, spreading his story of overcoming adversity and encouraging others to gain perspective in their own lives. Jeremy is not your ordinary motivational speaker. With a powerful personal narrative, a little wit and a strong inspirational message, Jeremy has made it his mission to help audiences rise up to their biggest obstacles and see them as opportunities.

Jeremy’s objective when he steps in front of an audience is not to dictate how to succeed in life; it’s to convince individuals to be unafraid of failure. Jeremy speaks from experience and has discovered that with a limitless outlook, key insights, and the determination to persist through the challenges, anything is possible.

Jeremy has had the privilege of being featured on ABC's 20/20,,, and MTV's True Life and has spoken for many prestigious companies including Wells Fargo, Aflac, Honda, John Hancock and many more. In each presentation, the message is: life is about making choices, and if you choose to turn limiting beliefs into limitless opportunities, have a resolute purpose, and a hint of humor, anything is possible.

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